在TSMC 65nm工艺下运行600MHz的时钟主频。这是IC3228的模块图和主要规格。
CPU FUNCTION◆ 4-way simultaneous multi-threading (SMT) in each core
          ◆ Symmetric-multi-processing (SMP), dual MVP cores
          ◆ 64KB I-cache, 64KB D-cache and 64KB local memory each core, 256KB shared L2 cache
          ◆ Homogeneous parallel programs
          ◆ Support Pthread, OpenMP
GPU FUNCTION◆ Data parallel, Task parallel, and/or Function parallel computing
          ◆ Multi-standard media processor
          ◆ Programmable unified shader
          ◆ Support OpenGL ES 2.0
          ◆ 70 million triangles / sec, 300 million pixel / sec
MULTI-THREAD PROCESSING◆ Simultaneous 8 threads (4 threads x dual core) and 8 hybrid threads
PROCESSING POWER◆ 5160 DMIPS (equivalent to 4.3 DMIPS/MHz per core)
DISPLAY SYSTEM◆ LCD: Maximum pixel clock: 165MHz@16.7M (24-bit) true color, HDMI/DVI output capable
CAMERA◆ 8/10 bit camera data interface
VIDEO◆ Support HD 720p H.264 decoding via pure software
AUDIO◆ Max. 5.1 channel audio
MEMORY◆ Support SD, SDHC, MMC card, USB mass storage device, Nand flash, NOR flash, DDR3 SDRAM
POWER CONTROL◆ 10 independent power domain, 3 low power modes
OS SUPPORT◆ Android 4.2, Linux 3.4
SUPPORTED CONNECTIVITY◆ USB host/slave, UART, WiFi (external) 3G modem (external) GPS (external)
KEYPAD◆ 12 keypad I/O for Qwerty keyboard
I/O◆ UART x 4; I2C x 2; I2S x 3; SPI 4x slave; GPIO x 9; PWM x 3
TIMER◆ Watchdog; RTC
目前在IC3228上面已经成功运行Linux和Android 操作系统,请联系我们以获得更多关于IC3224 SoC的信息、演示或样片申请。